Sun Microsystems Model 3/160

My Sun 3/160 - an antique UNIX machine, and a unique piece of computing history
This is a web site devoted to my personal experiences hacking around with this 10+ year old server machine running SunOS 4.1.1_U1. The machine came into my hands on December 29th 1997 after having spent more money to ship the thing than the machine is technically worth. This is because it's shipping weight comes in at around 200lbs. - the unit seems to be entirely composed of thick welded steel - I don't think there's that much metal on my car! But whatever, I'm a collector of the obsolete (i.e. crazy!)...

The Sun 3 series is based (mostly) upon the Motorola 68020 series of processors. For more information about Sun 3/3x in general, visit the Sun 3/3x Archive, which should also have links to even more info.

What's inside a Sun 3/160?

I have started to get inside the machine and a general layout diagram of where all the parts are inside is in progress. I have made a rough diagram, but I'll be adding photos as soon as I can take 'em and get them scanned.

What's a Sun 3/160 Really Look Like?

I finally have some pictures of what the front and back of the unit look like for those of you who are dying of curiosity. While my sketches so far have illustrated what it is, only when you see it do you understand what a beast it is.

Hardware Information for the Sun 3:

I am always attempting to modify the machine to squeeze every last bit of performance out of it. As I attempt these procedures, I'll document how well they work (if at all).


You can also start an anonymous FTP session via your browser and download software for the Sun3 series. It's a mish-mosh collection of stuff, so some will be pre-compiled binaries and others will be source code. If you have upload capability, feel free to contribute material to the archive.

I've been expanding the FTP section -- There are now more general areas of interest:
A collection of Utils and documents for all types of SUN machines
A collection of stuff for various dead platforms including versions of DOOM!

Here's a listing of what the machine currently has:

501-1208 = 501-1208 4MB Sun 3004 CPU, 16.67MHz 68881
501-1203 = 501-1203 16 Channel Asychronous Line Multiplexer-2 (ALM-2)
501-1132 = 501-1132 4MB Sun 3004 Parity Memory
501-1170 = 501-1170 Sun-3 SCSI Host Adapter Assembly, Internal SCSI
501-1269 = 501-1269 VME 3x2 Adapter Assembly, with P2 A&C, Option 1 60A
501-1447 = 501-1447 TAAC-1 Application Accelerator (removed)
501-8006 = 501-8006 4MB Sun 3004 Memory (recent addition)
501-8006 = 501-8006 4MB Sun 3004 Memory (recent addition)

Note that with the addition of the two 501-8006's, the total RAM on the Sun is now 16 Megs
Note that I no longer own the TAAC-1 Application Accelerator. That was removed from the machine.

This website maintained by Brian Cirulnick.
Any help in figuring out this beast of a machine is appreciated.
I hope to add my voice to the chorus of Sun 3 resources out there.

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