The HardDisk's and Problems

This old Sun has 2 ESDI Hard Disks - Micropolis 1558 (348 MB each), 1 bridge ESDI TO SCSI Emulex MD21/S2 and a tape Wangtek QIC-24.

I am pretty sure that's what's in there. I still haven't been able to remove enough steel to get into the drive bays. However EDSI drives might explain why the unit boots up so freaking slow!

My plan is to replace both 5.25 ESDI drive mechanisms with a single 5.25 SCSI 2-Gigabyte drive. The machine should run faster (because drive speed is a factor of overall performance, and I'll be able to offer the machine more swap space) and I'll have tons of HD space to use for my projects.

The only difficulty will be getting everything that's on the 2 drives onto the SCSI drive, and making sure that everything in it's proper partition gets replaced into it's proper partition.

The Tape Drive

QIC-24 1/4" 60MB - SUN Part# 370-1076, Wangtek model# 5099en24 w/ Emulex MT02 QIC to SCSI converter board.

The tape drive is mounted in what looks like a full height 5.25 bay, although the unit only occupies the upper half of the drive bay. I'm wondering if other items were ever considered for mounting in the lower half of the bay. You would need a custom front bezel though if you wanted to have access to any device there - since the front panel only has a hole cut in it to accept a tape.

The QIC-24 is a 60 meg tape drive using 1/4" tape cartridges. Pretty much the only tape you can use is the DC600A, which is 600ft./60Meg tape. The tape cartridge itself is about the size of a paperback novel.