What's the damn thing really look like anyhow?

While I was grabbing photos of the failed 68030 upgrade, I took a photo of my 3/160. As you can see, the unit is a dull kind of battleship grey / putty colored, i.e., not really interesting to look at. The front bezel doesn't even say Sun anywhere on it. The Bezel does tell me that the unit was part of some imaging company once, which would explain the TAAC-1 board, and there is a sticker on the back that indicates the unit was once part of the U.S. Geological Survey. Also note my antique Toshiba T-1000SE laptop (8088 powered) sitting ontop of it, which I can use as a "Dumb Terminal" and log into the unit via serial port B. If I plug the T-1000 into serial port A, the keyboard act as a "replacement" keyboard since the 3/160 cannot find a real keyboard plugged into it's 15-pin keyboard port.

The back of the unit has a few more interesting features. For starters, you can now see how the VME bus boards stand up in the unit. Yes, they aren't all connected to the backplane in this photo. The board pulled out more than the others is the CPU board, which sits in slot #1. Also, quite a few boards have been removed. Above the VME bus boards you can see the dual fans that cool the hard-drive bays.