Getting Inside the Sun 3/160

I have started to get inside the machine and a general layout diagram of where all the parts are inside is in progress. I've now have a rough diagram, but I'll be adding photos as soon as I can take 'em and get them scanned.

VME bus boards are all accessed via the rear of the unit, just below the 2 large fans that cool the 5.25 Full height HD Bays. Even the main CPU board is a VME bus board, and can occupy a slot anywhere in the unit. Once a card is slid into the unit, it connects with the backplane board, which connects the cards to each other. 6 Fans below the boards draw air down and out through the bottom of the unit (remember it's on wheels) and cool the boards and the power supply.

Here are specs on the Machine taken from the Sun hardware FAQ:

        Processor(s):   68020 @ 16.67MHz, 68881, Sun-3 MMU, 8 hardware
                        contexts, 2 MIPS
        CPU:            501-1074/1096/1163/1164/1208
        Chassis type:   deskside
        Bus:            VME, 12 slots
        Memory:         16M physical (documented), 256M virtual, 270ns cycle
        Notes:          First 68020-based Sun machine. Uses the 3004
                        "Carrera" CPU, which is used in most other Sun
                        3/1xx models and the 3/75. Sun supplied 4M
                        memory expansion boards; third parties had up to
                        32M on one card. SCSI optional. One variant of
                        the memory card holds a 6U VME SCSI board; there
                        is also a SCSI board which sits in slot 7 of the
                        backplane and runs the SCSI bus out the back of
                        the backplane to the internal disk/tape (slot 6
                        in very early backplanes). CPU has two serial
                        ports, Ethernet, keyboard. Type 3 keyboard plugs
                        into the CPU; Sun-3 mouse plugs into the
                        keyboard. Upgradeable to a 3/260 by replacing
                        CPU and memory boards.