The following was sent to Obsolyte courtesy of:
Robert F Schaefer, who is the proud owner of this Sun 3/280

Here's the case of a 3-280, stripped:
The case, front, fans, power supply, and VME cardcage.
You can't get much simpler than that!

Here're a few details of the power supply:
The back, front, and a closeup of the filter.

A few more of the VME backplane:
The back side, front side, a closeup of the jumpers, and the damage that occured when I first applied power.

Here are the spare cards I have, and here are the damaged ones, and a shot of the burned up DC-DC converter on the 3/50 CPU card and the toasted decoupling caps on the CG3 framebuffer. The damage to the 3/280 CPU, and RAM board, isn't so apparent!

And now, the pictures you've been waiting for!
Here is the front of a sun 3/280; and perhaps more interesting, the back.

Bonus time! Here are a few shots on the Sun searching keyspace for and scanning work units for SETI@home.
Ok, not really, but it could be, and probably will be eventually.