My 1985 Volkswagen Vanagon

Here's some pictures of my Vanagon. No text yet here really, just a quickie temp page.

A link to some photos I took at a VW Show in October.

This is the earliest photo I have of the machine, with the original hubcaps, and the primer on the sliding door where there's a decent-sized dent.

In this Interior shot, I had removed the interior panel to add some insulation. This is also early in my ownership of the vehicle.

This is before I really started making modifications. What I started doing by the time this photo was taken was I changed the hubcaps and started some spray painting to stop rust around the damaged area on the bottom of the center panel. Another thing I did was paint the area around the windows where there had been chromed plastic (where all the chrome had flaked off). I painted it black to match the rubber, giving it that "California Look". Compare the older photos with this and you'll see the difference.

This is the interior, where I've made the most changes thus far. What you cannot see is the insulation between the interior and exterior panels, to keep it more temperate versus the outside, and to hopefully reduce road and engine noise.

This a modification to keep the heat OFF in the summertime. This valve stops the heat, and turned down allows it to work. Click on the image to see a more close-up shot of the valve.